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Human Resource Management system HRMS is a system mostly used by organization or company to maintain discipline in human behaviour and books of account. It has various features for attendance, leaves, holidays, advances, loans, payroll, pay slip etc. InnoPeople Human resource management system hrms has an artificial integillence algorithm of auto picking up shift for employees. InnoPeople HRMS is well equipped with features of tapping data from multiple machines from multiple locations. It also has the ability of taking attendance from Mobile application in case of an employee is on field job. The admin has all the control of selecting roles, assigning roles and setting permission.
HRMS is a system for monitoring as well as informing various activities to it users about events or notices or reminder. For HRMS to be a useful tool, users have to put in data, so that data can be computed for fruitful information. Data insertion can be manual or via machines or via Mobile android apps.
Cloud based HRMS advantages are it reduces human interaction which is time consuming or productive Man hour reduction. Users can know the attendances, payslip, etc all relevant information by logging into their account. This feature is known as Employee Self Service.
Every HRMS has its own features and dynamics. InnoPeople consist of widely available features, which ease the HR Management and gives better control and access of data.
InnoPeople is helpful to its admin by giving number of information on dashboard. Bulk Uploading of information is possible.
Any Organization would have a CEO, and all departmental heads can report to him. An HRMS bring Transparency of information in an organization. It is one of the ways of improving productivity in an organization. It can be helpful for an HR manager decision making ability; it can broaden the horizon of decision making. Human Resource manager can get involved in other decision making roles which can be helpful to an organization.


Employee Self Service(ESS)
Staff Management
Muster Book
Attendance Management
Leave Management
Performance Management
Notice Board
Multiple Location
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Unlimited Employees.


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Hospital, Offices, Restaurants, Hotels, School, Colleges, Factory, Warehouses, Banks, Govt Organization, MNC’s, Manufacuring Unit, Chain Stores, Jewellers, Showrooms.