Attendance Management Software

Innopeople HRMS(Human Resource Management System) Attendance eliminates any human error while recording employee work hours. It works with incomparable accuracy as compared to traditional paper worksheets or manual time tracking. It enables your HR & Accounts team to track and manage employee timings and attendance effectively and accurately. The Innopeople HRMS Attendance management system can be integrated with any attendance device database and can effectively manage all types of attendance systems like fingerprint biometric device like x990, K30, K20, swipe cards, RFID or web punch.

Innopeople HRMS automated calculation of employee attendance based on different parameters like Shifts, flexible-timings, overtime.



Integration (Fingerprint Biometric Device)

  • Easily Integration with any attendance device such as biometric or cards.
  • Easily integration with Innopeople payroll Software.

Exceptions handling

  • Supports all attendance such as Absenteeism, Missed Punch, In Late, Out Early, Shift variation and Under-scheduled.
  • Configurable deduction policies for attendance exceptions based on number of occurrences or actual minutes.
  • Notifications for proposed deductions of salary or leave due to attendance exceptions, on email to employee and manager.
  • Exception regularization via On Duty or Punch Regularization application.

Extra Time Management

  • Different calculation rules for different types of days such as working day, weekly off or public holiday based on extra time worked.
  • Compensation can be configured as overtime or banking of hours for claiming compensatory-off later.
  • Eliminate revenue leakage by posting overtime according to pre-approved overtime plan.

Simplify your time tracking

  • Real time visibility into time & attendance data.
  • Employees’ daily attendance, shift schedule and his team’s attendance at fingertips.

Comprehensive Reports

  • Design your own report through our report writing tool.
  • Information can be exported to multiple formats for further analysis like (csv, xls, pdf and so on).

Shift Management

  • Supervisor can plan Shift Schedule for the team with workflow based approval process.
  • Configurable template for the employees having specific pattern of working.