Top 8 Question to ask before buying a Biometric Attendance Machine:

Top 8 Question buying Biometric Attendance Machine eSSL, Biomax, Realtime, attendance, Leave, Biometric Machine Near me K30, x990, Biometric Machine with Wifi, Face Recogniton, RFID card, Password
are the above brands which will solve your Top 8 questions answers.

1. Face Recognition is available, due to many upcoming cases of fingerprint not being recognised. Having detected with Face is a good option.
2. Finger Print should be recognised in all cases, painted, burnt fingerprint, damaged, new skin fingers.
3. Wifi for data accessing is available.
4. RFID for identifying is a available.
5. Battery Backup.
6. Maximum Logs Storage.
7. Push Data: for accessing data over cloud
8. Standalone data access, USB pendrive data access option.

InnoPeople Provide brands with all above features along with cloud based software, with after sales support. On Call Support.

Top 8 Question buying Biometric Attendance Machine eSSL, K30, x990, MB160, MB20, silkbio, uface302,

Top 8 Question buying Biometric Attendance Machine eSSL, Biomax, K30, x990, MB160, MB20, silkbio, uface302,

10 Features must /expected / recommended in a Biometric Machine

1. The device should have repeatability in output. Irrespective of the input, the output should be same. Eg: Painted Fingers, Wet Fingers, Slightly damage fingers. During Face Recognition system, the output should not depend on ambient light, spectacles on face, makeup on face, variations in Hairstyle.
2. Battery Backup: Biometric system should have battery back in case of power failures.
3. Connectivity: Should have options of connecting with Wifi, LAN and Pendrive. So that it becomes easy for user to pull data.
4. Storage capacity: Biometric Device should have ample storage capacity to store logs of punches done on the machine.
5. Multiple Inputs or Biometric: Multiple Biometric input facilities should be there, like Face, Finger, RFid Card, Password, UHF cards.
6. EM Lock: Biometric Machine should support an EM door lock.
7. Software Compatibility: Device should support multiple platforms, like desktop, cloud. CRUD operation: Create, Read, Update and Delete feature must be provided.
8. Support: After sales support should be provided by the manufacturer, in case of technical help required or failure.
9. Life: A biometric Machine should have good life and should be reliable and dependable. The components used in a biometric machine should be of good quality to have better life and Quality response.

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